Saturday, February 25, 2012

More Food shots...

My oldest son, again made me some Homemade Chicken Soup, very yummy and was fine going down too... doesn't look too appetizing puree'd but... it was very good!

I also made yesterday (no pics, ok ok no cheering LOL!)
Scrambled eggs, salsa and cheese that was good.
(I do have another serving I can take pictures of... so if you are *that* disappointed I can upload it LOL!)

Today, however...  I made a mock Lasagna (also Gluten Free so sans any Pasta), which smelled awesome cooking, and was delicious.  I can't wait until I'm not so chicken to try eating beef to try it with ground beef in it...

Friday, February 17, 2012

Some First Foods shots...

No I did not take pictures of protein shakes... think we've all seen, tasted etc enough of those LOL!

I am on puree/blenderized stage...

So my first was 2/13/12 homemade for me by my son.  He took Chicken broth, with some fresh broccoli and a bit of Cheddar Cheese, (Broccoli Cheddar Cream soup is one of my favs).  Not only was it delish, it was an eating "success" if you will... He made a chicken version for my youngest and himself, which I was able to tolerate as well yesterday.

Today, I made an Eggs for me and my youngest boy, Eggs, Broccoli and Onion w/Cheddar Cheese.
Obviously mine didn't look as pretty as his.. LOL but it was also Awesome, getting use to the texture isn't as big a deal... as the taste is true to what was cooked :)  This also was an eating "success".   :)

Plate and Spoon from IKEA :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Twists and Turns....

Yessss... so Sunday night/Monday morning was quite eventful...

You always wonder, but never want to find out the hard way *how* accessible your Surgeon is if you need him... well I know now mine calls back w/in under a minute, (at 1:15AM).  How I know that I wish to never need to test his timing again.

I went to do something and that lovely, nasty right side of mine... yes well it did something that sent the most excruciating pain I have felt in my entire life.  (NOTE: I have a high threshold for pain, and am no wimpy/whiner, when they took out my gall bladder I pulled the suture open.. and this pain trumped that in spades!)

It basically like popped and ripped through me with a searing fire that literally, truly took my breathe away and I saw stars.  I couldn't move, broke into a sweat... it was bad when I could stand up I had the room spins worse then any I've ever experienced on those very very rare <cough> nights of having perhaps one too many <cough cough>.   I thought I was going to hit the floor again.

I had to call my son, and at that point called the hospital.  The morale of the story is my Surgeon was so calm and now looking back I feel somewhat of an idiot... but he explained he though I either pulled a muscle and/or popped an internal stitch of which are common when patients begin moving around more etc.  For me to sit still for a couple of hours.  Take my pain meds. and if didn't feel better call the office in the morning.  However, if I were to experience *any* nausea, vomiting, and/or fever to go directly to the ER (my local one) for transport to the campus he works at. (There are multiple hospital campus' w/in their network one 5 mins from me, where he does surgery etc is an hour from me)

I sat until 3:30am, go up to go to the bathroom and... I had *no* pain.. like none... none of that pulling on the right etc that had been holding me back from moving etc.  Thus far... <knock on wood> it's stayed as such... I still am getting use to it but...  WOW

I'd never want to feel that pain again, but apparently whatever was "knotted" in there needed to pop... and the days are much easier now.   I don't even need my pillow pet to walk around as much now... which I don't know who is more thrilled my son, (as it's his), or me because I was getting some funny looks... LOL!!  (When I figure out how... I will have to post a picture)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Post-op Day Seven :)

My left side feels like nothing every happened...
My right side is invoking some twisted form of pay back for a lifetime of grudges to be avenged! It must have held against me a TON of things... like every piece of furniture I moved, each kid I carried, birthed, and carried some more... and those that I didn't birth but carried... My 12-15hr work days, 2-3 jobs, Oiy and the list goes on... LOL you name it man oh man did it keep a list... I just keep pleading for forgiveness and promising I will be much more mindful... don't think it's working yet...

4 days until I get to weigh in at Surgeon's appt :)  I'm a lil excited about that... strange concept but it's true!

One of these days I will have to dedicate to the Journey to get to my date with the knife... but not tonight.

It actually began January 2011, original Surgery date was 8/24/11, then 1/3/12 which was I guess my "dry" run if you will... right outside the OR and sent home :(  Finally done 2/6/12, (but was suppose to be 2/14/12 LOL!)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ok... Live and Learn right? Early AM Day 6 Post-op

Last night, or shall I say this morning... NOT so good :(

I realized a few valuable lessons... I hope that stick.

Again the age old, do what you're going to do, (think/say) and stop worrying about what others think...
Never allow the above to try to change who you are and how you do things...
In the end, you are ultimately responsible anyway once it's all said and done and everyone "goes home" shall we say, so rely on what you know is done and not what you think should, or would/could have been done...
Finally, as always just be prepared... *ahead of time*, as much as is physically possible while healing... HA!

No need to go into the drama (inner) surrounding the events... but I know I overdid it physically, not much of a choice though quite frankly, and I made up for it by taking a long nap today.  Which hopefully won't bite me in the ass by not being able to sleep tonight :(

Not that I could have being Day 6 Post-Op, but will say anyway just to feel good, went through numerous emotions in the above lesson... and didn't once, (ok maybe once LOL!) think of food... honestly my stomach hurt too much from doing what needed to be done, even if the surgeon God came down and said it's ok here have... I wouldn't have been able to get it down... so this is a good thing right?

Friday, February 10, 2012

5 days Post-Op :)

I'm on the "other side" as they say...

Monday was surgery, not a day to have much to speak of other then pain :(
Sorry if that scares anyone but... it's just a fact and part of the process.
Late Monday into the night and Tuesday Morning once they switch the pain meds, it was a bit better and I was able to get up and start "cruising" the halls etc.  Also keep in mind it's noted that while in there doing the Bypass, they had to remove/repair many adhesions from my previous Gall Bladder Surgery from 20+ years ago.

Tuesday was better, I was released to come home.  Tuesday night at home was a bit more difficult, ended up moving from upstairs to downstairs with some success for some sleep :)

Wednesday again more slow improvement, figured out bed/sleep arrangements for the night so it was *much* better :)

Thursday, probably due to the decent sleep was much better.  I did attempt to warm up my son's breakfast.. that was an epic fail, by the end I was in pain, sweating Oiy... my older son was like... ahhh hello, isn't that why I'm here?  I was successful in washing my hair, went to a Dr appt.  I think I paid a bit for it later as my side was not happy :(

Friday is coming to a close, was uneventful I got to sleep in... probably too much!!  It felt good though :)
Feeling a lil bit of pressure, I think I'm swallowing too much at a time or such will work on that.

Shall see what the weekend brings :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

As they say... I have 3 nights sleeps...

Of course... I'm not sleeping...

1/3/12 came and went, and it's been quite a month since.    Surgery is scheduled for Monday 2/6/12 at 10:30am

3 "sleeps" away....  now to try and get some of that...

Sleep Zzzzz